Drummond Public Library


The Drummond Public Library has approximately 9,000 books available for checkout.   We have an extensive collection of suspence and murder mystery titles, but there is something for everyone.  New books are being added weekly.  New fiction, nonfiction and special collections are featured in the front of the library. 

Recently several donations have allowed us to greatly enhance our collection of books on CD for both adults and youth.  There is everything from Dr. Seuss to James Patterson on the shelf.  Come take a look and we are sure you will find something of interest to you. 

We also have a growing collection of movies both on VHS and DVD format.  Many of the top box office hits are available, as well as old classics.  There is a wonderful collection of National Geographic titles in both VHS and DVD also. 

Recently we were able to add all of the Disney classic titles in DVD using donations from the Friends of the Library. 

There is a well rounded collection of nonfiction for both adults and youth also.  Many guide books pertaining to the area have been added over the years.  If you need to identify that odd bird in the swamp, or possibly edible mushroom you can find a guide book to help you here.