Drummond Public Library


There are some new things to learn when you first start using our library.  Some of the basic tasks you will need to learn are things like how to use the online catalog, request books, get a library card, and if you wish, use our Internet.  We also have wireless Internet that you are free to use. 

Get a Library Card

Anyone can get a library card at the Drummond Library!  You don't have to be a resident of Drummond, and you don't even have to be a resident of Wisconsin.  Stop in and all you have to do is fill out a simple application form and it will take less than five minutes to get you set to check out items from Drummond and all of the surrounding libraries. 

The information that you will be asked will be your name, address, and seasonal address if you have it, phone number, birthdate  and email address.  Easy and fast.  See you soon.


It is very easy to request books, movies, music, and anything else you might need from the Merlin catalog online.  First of all, you will need a library card from a Merlin participating library.  Then from any location with Internet you can go to the catalog at  http://merlin.nwls.lib.wi.us/ and begin to browse.  You can browse by title, author, subject, or keyword.  Once you find the item that you want, you will click on "request" and it will save your request to a basket until you are ready to send your final basket in with all of your requests.  You will need to enter your barcode and choose the most convenient library to pick your items up.    It is just like using a shopping basket at your favorite online store, but there is no cost.  Once you have sent your request in, your job is done until you receive a call from your library letting you know that your items are in.  Sometimes your items will come separately and you may need to make more than one trip to the library. 

Use the Catalog

Using our online catalog is easy once you learn the basics.  You can browse the catalog from home using the address merlin.nwls.lib.wi.us.   You can also browse the catalog from the library computer.  If you are new to this process you might need some assistance from library staff.  Once you are in the catalog you can browse by title, author, subject or keyword.  You can browse the entire Merlin catalog at one time, or you can limit your searching to specific libraries.  You can find out if we have certain items in Drummond, surrounding local libraries, or within the entire system.  Library staff will be happy to help you get the materials that you are looking for, or to help you find what you might be looking for if you aren't having sucess on your own.  We understand this might be new to you and we are experienced with the process, so don't be shy to ask for help.

Use the Internet

The Drummond Public Library has five Internet capable computers for the public to use, and we also have wireless computer access. 

Patrons cannot reserve computers for use, but if all of the computers are being used, there is a 30 minute limit so one will be available soon.  If there are no patrons waiting for the computers patrons can use them as long as they please.  Of course we ask that patrons are considerate of others while using the computer as they are quite close to one another. 

There is a shared printer available for use at 10 cents per page. 

We also offer wireless Internet that can be used from within the building or from either the parking lot or picnic tables that are behind the building on a patio.  Patrons are welcome to use the power outlets in the building during open hours.  If you are having trouble connecting to the wireless Internet it may be a problem with your personal computer or the wireless hub may need to be reset.  Please see library staff if you are having difficulties.  It usually is very easy to remedy. 

Some libraries require that you have a library card that you use to sign in to use our comptuers.  We do not require this.  If there is a computer open, you are free to use it.  If they are all in use, just ask the librarian and she can let you know how long before one will be open.