Drummond Public Library

The Library History

The Drummond Public Library was founded in 1926.  At that time the Town of Drummond was a company town, established by the Rust Owen Lumber Company.  A new library was built in the mid 1970's where it operated until our current building was built in 2001.  The new library is designed and built to resemble the old Rust Owen Company Store.  The library shares space with the Drummond Historical Museum, so the connection to it's historical past is preserved and demonstrated within one building. 

The Drummond Public Library and Historical Museum has become a popular destination for not only library services, but for a visit to the roots of the the town of Drummond.  The library also has local maps to assist visitors find the many natural wonders in the area.  Visitors enjoy activities such as hiking, cross country skiing, biking, fishing, bird and wildlife watching and much more.  The staff is knowledgeable about the local activities and can help you find the best activities while visiting the area.