Drummond Public Library


The Drummond Public Library's mission is:

To provide the members of the community with access to materials and information which can broaden their lives; improve their minds; fulfill intellectual, educational, enlightenment; and provide a warm, comfortable meeting place for it's patrons of all ages.

At the Drummond Public library we want patrons to have an enjoyable experience and to feel welcome.  Patrons of all ages use the library for a variety of things.  We expect everyone, regardless of age to respect others that are using the library, and to be courteous at all times.  There is a children's area that has toys and puppets.  Children may use these items, and it is understood that the noise level will be kept at a reasonable level. 

While using the computers, please realize that there are others very close to you and your behavior will impact them.  Appropriate use of the computers is expected at all times. 

Out of respect for other patrons, cell phone use is not allowed in the library.  If you need to use your cell phone please step outside, or ask to use the meeting room if it is available. 

Please see library staff if you are having difficulties while at the library.  We will do our best to assist you and to make your library visit as enjoyable as possible.

Circulation Policy

All people wishing to borrow material from the library must be registered at any of the Northern Waters libraries.  Anyone can get a card so you will be free to borrow our materials. 

The loan period for books and audiobooks is three weeks.  Movies in all formats are due in one week.  Any materials can be renewed either in person or by phone for another loan period as long as there are no other patrons waiting for that item.  Sometimes things like bestselling books and newly released movies will have a waiting list, so they will not be able to be renewed. 

The Drummond Public Library does not charge fines for overdue items, but we fully expect patrons to keep their loan record current and up to date.  Other local libraries do charge fine, so it is up to the patron to know if the library that they are borrowing from charges fines.  If you do have overdue items, even though we don't charge fines, your patron record may be blocked from use until you return your outstanding items. 

Items borrowed from other libraries will have the same loan period as the Drummond Library.  Being able to borrow other library's material is a privilege so we expect patrons to respect this privilege by adhering to the loan rules.  Please contact the libraray at 739-6290, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you need to renew an item or to inquire about a waiting list for a particular item. 

Internet Access

The Drummond Public Library has five public Internet computer stations.  Patrons may use them on a first come first serve basis.  If there are no other people waiting to use a computer patrons may stay on as long as needed.  If there is a waiting list time periods may be limited to 30 minutes.  Whomever has been on the longest will be asked to free up a computer for use. 

If a patron needs a computer for functions such as classwork, taking tests, or job related activities preference may be given to them. 

Appropriate behavior will be expected at all times.  Patrons may not be using the computer to participate in activities that are intrusive, inappropriate or bothersome to other patrons or library staff.  A patron may be asked to exit a website if staff deem necessary.   

There is wireless access available.  It can be accessed from inside the building or from outside within range.  There is no password required and the Drummond Library encourages people to make use of the service at any hour.  In the summer there are picnic tables on the lake side of the building that can be used for this purpose.  Please let staff know if you are having trouble connecting to the wireless service as sometimes some steps need to be taken to gain connectivity.

Meeting Room

The Drummond Public Library has a meeting room available for use either during open hours, or with permission when the library is closed.  It is open for use by individuals or groups that are community based and non-profit.  There is a coffee maker, microwave, and small refrigerator for use if needed.  Please see library staff to schedule the meeting room and to arrange to use a key if you will be using it when the library is not open.  All groups are expected to clean up after use.