Drummond Public Library

Use the Internet

The Drummond Public Library has five Internet capable computers for the public to use, and we also have wireless computer access. 

Patrons cannot reserve computers for use, but if all of the computers are being used, there is a 30 minute limit so one will be available soon.  If there are no patrons waiting for the computers patrons can use them as long as they please.  Of course we ask that patrons are considerate of others while using the computer as they are quite close to one another. 

There is a shared printer available for use at 10 cents per page. 

We also offer wireless Internet that can be used from within the building or from either the parking lot or picnic tables that are behind the building on a patio.  Patrons are welcome to use the power outlets in the building during open hours.  If you are having trouble connecting to the wireless Internet it may be a problem with your personal computer or the wireless hub may need to be reset.  Please see library staff if you are having difficulties.  It usually is very easy to remedy. 

Some libraries require that you have a library card that you use to sign in to use our comptuers.  We do not require this.  If there is a computer open, you are free to use it.  If they are all in use, just ask the librarian and she can let you know how long before one will be open.